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Bowling Equipment

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At Klonowski's Bowling and Billiards in Schenectady, New York, bowling is our game. That means you can take advantage of our more than 50 years of experience when selecting your bowling equipment.

Let us fit you with the proper equipment and accessories to score on the lanes. Whether you are a beginner looking for polyester or an experienced bowler looking for reactive urethane, our store carries all the major brands. Our experts are able to discuss your needs, find the perfect ball, and supply you with the proper fitting.

Bowling Balls - Bowling Equipment

Products & Services

Choose from our stock of balls, shoes, bags, and bowling aids from all major manufacturers. Our seasoned team is able to offer a wide variety of services for your bowling ball, including:

• Custom Installation of Finger & Thumb Grips
• Cleaning & Resurfacing
• On-Site Drilling While You Wait

• Expert Measuring & Fitting
• Plugging & Repair

Contact us by phone in Schenectady, New York, to find the right bowling balls,
shoes, and accessories for your needs.